The Big Apple: 4/10/15

City That Never Sleeps

Brace yourself! So, this weekend I was lucky enough to get out for a few days and visit the most inspiring city. The City That Never Sleeps- NYC.

Okay, they have to sleep a little right? Anyways, so this was my first time traveling ALONE. Little Aki, going to the Big Apple, see the irony there? Anyways, so I was a little nervous, but I made it without any hesitation. Upon arrival, we checked in our bags and went to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge, [ New York]

Brooklyn Bridge [ New York, NY]

Just everything about this city was perfect. Even though the weather was chilly and rainy, that did not stop us from exploring. Everyone there was just on the go. It’s interesting to see that when you’re from the south and everyone in Texas is so laid back and calm, and rolling at their own pace. However, New York was just a different scene, and I loved it.

Brooklyn Style Pizza? Uhm YES

We walked all the way down to the end of the bridge, took lots of selfies of course and made our way to Juliana’s Pizza in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Style Pizza [Brooklyn, New York]

Juliana’s Pizza [Brooklyn, NY]

One word ya’ll. EXQUISITE. I’m a pizza person, and this was definitely one of the best coal-fired pizza’s I’ve ever had. A must go for everyone- the wait is worth it (I promise).

Night Owls

Afterward, we went back to the hotel for a night out in the big city. We headed to The Press Lounge, which was a bar with an open terrace looking out into New York City. You guys, I died. It was so beautiful, I just couldn’t believe that I was in New York, with my friends enjoying such a spectacular evening.

The Press Lounge- New York

The Press Lounge [New York, NY]

The night was perfect, spent with the perfect people. If you haven’t been to New York. It’s definitely a must see at least once in your life. The first time I went was when I was 10, and to be honest I absolutely despised it. I hated walking and shopping, and now I went looking at it with a 360 turnaround perspective. It’s amazing, and in a weird way it inspires you to do amazing things.

Last but not least, the picture you have all been waiting for…

Times Square, New York

Times Square [New York, NY]

(I know… my photography skills are slacking).Times Square was bustling with people trying to go about their day, people dancing/singing and putting on the weirdest shows you will possibly ever see (other than Vegas- but that’s a whole different story), but that’s what made it so great! Later that night we went to go see Aladdin on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theater. You guys have to go see the Genie- he was the life of Broadway. However, everyone else did an amazing job as well!


1 Oak, New York

1 Oak [New York, NY]

What happens at 1 Oak, stays at 1 Oak.

“Make your mark in New York and you are a made man.”

Till Next Time,

-Everyday Wanderer

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