How To: Pack Like a Traveler

The Unpacking Horror All girls (including me) have a tendency to over pack. We basically have the need to take our entire closet with us wherever we go. We like being prepared for the worst. Rain or shine, we got the shoes/outfits and hairsprays for all of the above. However, I realized that the one… Continue reading How To: Pack Like a Traveler

Stop Worrying: It Gives you Wrinkles

Its all Temporary We all come to a halt in our life, a fork in the road some might say. Whether it may be from school projects, work, or even life itself. Sometimes you have to look yourself in the mirror, take a breather, talk yourself out of not going crazy and just relax. You… Continue reading Stop Worrying: It Gives you Wrinkles

Happiness & You

The Secret Before I start my endless rants, let me ask you this first: What’s your secret to happiness? What makes you get out of bed every morning? Is it going to work, making a difference, or educating yourself? In The Happy Secret to Better Work, Shawn Achor’s talk truly inspired me to be content with my happiness… Continue reading Happiness & You

Traveling is Contagious; Get your Shot

Why Do You Travel? People travel for different reasons. Some do it to mark it off of their bucket list, others do it to get away from reality. I do it to find myself. With our busy lives being human robots, being on a schedule, going to school, having a job, when do we have time… Continue reading Traveling is Contagious; Get your Shot