How To: Pack Like a Traveler

The Unpacking Horror All girls (including me) have a tendency to over pack. We basically have the need to take our entire closet with us wherever we go. We like being prepared for the worst. Rain or shine, we got the shoes/outfits and hairsprays for all of the above. However, I realized that the one… Continue reading How To: Pack Like a Traveler

Long Overdue Post

I’m Back! So I admit it, with finals week closing to an end, I delayed my million blog posts that I was set out to write. Have no worries, because I am back! First off, I am happy that I closed out the semester with a BANG and managed to get all A’s (except we… Continue reading Long Overdue Post

Make Travel Possible On a College Budget

It Can be Done So you’re probably thinking that in order to travel on a college budget, you have to start eating ramen for dinner everyday just to save up enough money. Yes, yes you do. Nutritional meals are banned from your diet for eternity. I am totally kidding. It can be done, I promise.… Continue reading Make Travel Possible On a College Budget

The Moments We Live For

Special Moments Moments are special, they are unique.┬áMoments are what you remember from your experiences. From your first date to your 21st birthday, to the first time you met your best friend. Moments help us grow our memories. Without our special moments, what would we look back to and say…yes, that was the best day… Continue reading The Moments We Live For