Did Someone Say Coffee?

1. West Oak Coffee Bar [Denton, TX]

Yes, my coffee obsession has gone overboard some might say. A cup or three starts my day off with a smile. My love escalated with West Oak Coffee Bar in Denton, TX. The rustic ambiance, the open space, the friendly and inviting vibe. They got me hooked. I mean who wouldn’t want to go to a coffee shop where they know your name and coffee order right when you walk through the door. A “Vanilla Latté extra hot” is the cherry on top to my mornings. This place was my stress reliever during finals week, or for the days when I wanted to open my mind up for creativity. I highly recommend this place for making your days brighter and happier. (I suggest going before 4pm because they tend to get very crowded at night).

2. Ascension [Dallas, TX]

I recently discovered Ascension coffee last week as I was exploring through Dallas and was in a desperate need for a cup of coffee. Let me tell you, this place is too cute for words. The decor inside made me never want to leave. It’s a great spot to catch up with friends, or to do some work. It’s 5 min out from Downtown Dallas near Oak Lawn. You can see parts of the skyline out from Ascension’s patio while sipping on your coffee. This place also has food and wine which I haven’t tried yet, but I’m sure is to die for! Great atmosphere and even better coffee. 

Vanilla Latté for the win

3. Mozart’s Coffee [Austin, TX]

Saving the best for last. This place makes my heart so happy that I can not even begin to describe it. Mozarts Coffee is HEAVEN for coffee lovers. For starters, this place is on the lake. Yes, you heard me…. the LAKE! It has a treehouse sorta feel to it. There are tons of benches and seating outdoors so people can enjoy the lake view. Mozart’s has snacks and sweet treats that mesh great with your coffee. Their location won my heart when I came here for the first time, but when I tried their coffee I seriously fell in love. Everyone needs to go and check this place out, like RIGHT NOW. Not kidding. Right now.

“It’s Coffee o’clock somewhere”

Till next time,



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