How To: Pack Like a Traveler

The Unpacking Horror

All girls (including me) have a tendency to over pack. We basically have the need to take our entire closet with us wherever we go. We like being prepared for the worst. Rain or shine, we got the shoes/outfits and hairsprays for all of the above. However, I realized that the one thing I dislike most about traveling is the unpacking horror of my suitcase when I get back. I’m a clean freak, so I have to wash all the clothes I packed before they go back in my closet, and if I pack my whole closet… That’s a lot of laundry ya’ll. #RealTalk.

1. Choosing the Minimalist Travel Style

I’m sure a lot of girls like me are indecisive when it comes to picking out their outfit for the night. The best tip is to plan out your outfits before your trip, and pack ONLY those outfits (maybe one or two extras just in case). Also, If you over pack it makes it more difficult to find your outfits. In the end you just end up dumping out your entire suitcase onto your bed to find anything. I’ve noticed that when I over pack I don’t ever wear at least 3/4 of those outfits. Pick what you want to wear before you go, and save time and space.

I always take Spirit Airlines (cheapest airfare) which means you can only have one carry-on bag! I can officially say that I have become an expert on backpack travel packing. This backpack has gone with me to college and all of my travel destinations since then. So many memories and more to come!

It’s amazing how everything I need fits perfectly in here.

2. Take What you Need

You just have to realize that you WILL be coming back home, so only take the accessories you need for that week/weekend. Being a girl, I always pack an extra outfit or two, just in case weather becomes bi-polar. You don’t need 10 additional outfits (repeating one in an emergency won’t kill you, I promise).

3. Organize and Prioritize

Every girl is different in how they do their hair and makeup. For me I usually leave my hair natural, which requires me to take no hair products (which saves room), but if I take a straightener that doesn’t require much space, and every hotel has a hairdryer, so that is one less item to worry about (or air dry!). Also, its best to take a makeup kit and put all your makeup in there along with toiletries (toothpaste/toothbrush etc) all in one bag. It’s easy when you have everything you need in one place instead of a scattered mess.

4. The Aftermath

After all of my travels I find it important to wash all of my clothes just in case bed bugs or travel bugs get in your bags. You never know when those sneaky little things hang on to your suitcase.

Hope these tips help you guys with your next packing adventure!

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

Till next time,



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