Make Travel Possible On a College Budget

It Can be Done

So you’re probably thinking that in order to travel on a college budget, you have to start eating ramen for dinner everyday just to save up enough money. Yes, yes you do. Nutritional meals are banned from your diet for eternity.

I am totally kidding. It can be done, I promise.

1. Mode of Transportation

You can’t just get up and go, well I mean you could if you’re utterly spontaneous and you found an amazing deal, or if you’re just loaded with dollas $$$ (or if you’re a gold digger). But let’s be real. It’s good to start planning at least a month in advance to get a good deal on airfare. However, if you’re doing a road trip then that’s even better because airfare prices increase by approx. 2-3 times during summer seasons– but don’t just start driving across the world.

2. Best Apps/ Days/ Tips for Booking

If you are planning on doing airfare, there are plenty of apps such as Hitlist or Hopper that are great for deals. Hopper tracks which days would be the cheapest to buy tickets for the places you wish to travel. When the cheapest day comes around it’ll give you a notification to buy your ticket.

For all you spontaneous travel junkies out there, Hitlist is the app for you. It tells you the cheapest airfare deals going on for that month. Some prices on Hitlist go low as $65, but it also depends on what city and airport you are flying out of. (Also, its best to clear your cookies and chaché if you’re just checking on airline websites on your desktop browser. Also, Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s are generally the cheapest days to book!)

3. Places to Stay

Think about where you would be staying and what would be the cheapest option. You could hit up a friend, a family member or even get a hotel. If you’re doing international travel, check this out:

WWoofing helps you stay with people around the world in exchange for labor on their farms. It’s like doing a home stay; you get to meet new people and live in their homes for free in exchange for doing agricultural work. Things like this makes international travel affordable for college students.

Airbnb or VRBO are also great rental sites if you’re getting away for a few days/weeks or even months!

4. Things to See

Sight-seeing doesn’t have to cost you anything. You can hangout at the beach, grab a tour guide map, and give yourself a tour of the city- all for FREE.

5. Foodies

You don’t have to miss out on eating out. Splurge out on your favorite cuisine once a day (Breakfast, lunch or dinner). For the rest of your meals, instead of eating out, you could hit up a grocery store and cook yourself a nice meal in your hotel- even if it is ramen…

Stop missing out on traveling because it can be affordable for everyone!

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Till next time,



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