Stop Worrying: It Gives you Wrinkles

Its all Temporary

We all come to a halt in our life, a fork in the road some might say. Whether it may be from school projects, work, or even life itself. Sometimes you have to look yourself in the mirror, take a breather, talk yourself out of not going crazy and just relax. You have to know that most things are temporary. The tests, the all-nighters, your work, your family issues; they are all temporary and will eventually get better with time.

Get out of your Worry Bubble

Lately, I was thinking… What can I do to keep myself sane? So naturally, I go to and start booking tickets… Let me tell ya’ll, I have a ticket booking problem! New York, Vegas, D.C better get ready to see my face in the next month or so. I mean I might be broke as hell afterwards being a college student and all, but isn’t traveling worth it?

Being broke in college
Every penny counts

Yes, yes it is. Totally worth every single penny in my pocket. Someone told me that a key to happiness is always having something to look forward to. Counting down the days to when I get to travel again, definitely a great thing to look forward to. 


OK let me tell y’all… I am not a fan of running. Panting, sweating, knee aches, yea that all sounds like a blast right?


However, running is a great stress reliever. Throw in your headphones and run as far as your little legs can take you. You will be surprised at how amazing you feel afterwards.

Change in Scenery

Nature is also a great way to calm your nerves. Over the weekend, I went on a nature hike at Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve.

Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve

A friend and I hiked down (a whole 2 miles) to a pond where we sat in the gazebo and watched baby turtles and fishes swimming away. Nature is a great relaxer. It’s nice to go out, get fresh air once in a while and a change in scenery. The library and your work desk tends to get a bit boring after a while. Enjoy the spring weather while its beginning to bloom.

Smoothies = Life

One last thing before I say goodbye— this is totally unrelated, but I have to share. I tried this kale, spinach, strawberry banana smoothie at Seven Mile Cafe in Denton; it was honestly as good as a nice cold beer. You guys need to try it… like now. Cheers!

Check this out:

Maybe it’s related after all.

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”

Till next time,



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