The Moments We Live For

Special Moments

Moments are special, they are unique. Moments are what you remember from your experiences. From your first date to your 21st birthday, to the first time you met your best friend. Moments help us grow our memories. Without our special moments, what would we look back to and say…yes, that was the best day of my life.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown will always be on the top of my list. Every day was an adventure, but my special moments were the mornings filled with beautiful sceneries. The lake on one side and mountains on the other.

Early morning breakfast views. [Queenstown, New Zealand]
Early morning breakfast views. [Queenstown, New Zealand]
Listening to the waves, the faint sounds of birds chirping and laughter of families enjoying their Sunday morning strolls. It was unreal. Waking up and breathing the freshest air and realizing how lucky we all are, how lucky I was to have gotten to see the best morning of my life. It felt like I was living in my own dream. I had no stress, no thoughts, no worries. Just a coffee cup in one hand and a perfect morning view.

What Moments Do You Live For?

These are the moments I live for. Looking back at pictures now, I just think to myself and smile because I got to witness the best moments of my life. Moments like these make our lives special and unique. What are some of your favorite moments?

“I’ve always believed in savoring the moments. In the end, they are the only things we’ll have.”

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