Define It

What’s Your Definition?

I always liked the idea of traveling, and I knew that one day I was going to travel the world fearlessly. The question was just… when? When was that going to happen? I soon realized that traveling isn’t sitting on a plane and flying somewhere spectacular.

New Zealand
Not all those who wander are lost.

Traveling can happen in your backyard, your neighborhood, or even the city that you’ve lived in your entire life.

Live Like A Tourist

One day, take the time out to view the world around you from a tourist’s perspective, and the places you can find are unimaginable.Yes, I’ve lived in Dallas for sixteen years now, but does that mean I have seen every single part of Dallas there is to be seen? Absolutely not. Live in your city like a tourist for a day and you’ll realize that adventure surrounds you wherever you go. Pick up a map, and discover yourself. So let me ask you, what’s the definition of traveling in your books?

“The best things in life aren’t things.”

Till next time,

– Aki


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